Cuetec Recreational One Piece Series Cues


Cuetec Recreational One Piece Series Cues all have these great features: 15 ½” Pro Tapered power bonded shaft with Tru-Glide finish, hardwood handle with Veltex grip, polished stainless steel collar, deluxe leather tip, and tough polycarbonate ferrule. The bonded shaft consists of a core of North American maple bonded to fiberglass to keep the cue straight and true. Once the butt and shaft are joined, we place an attractive polished stainless steel collar over it to add a great finishing touch. The exclusive Tru-Glide finish on the shaft assures you that you will get a straight and consistent stroke every time. These cues make great “House Cues”. Assorted weights.

• Core Shaft Technology shaft ensures solid, consistent cue ball hits
• North American maple shaft core is bonded to fiberglass
• Tru-Glide finish assures smooth strokes
• Polycarbonate ferrule and deluxe glue on leather tip
• Stainless steel power collar